Always Get Checked after an Accident!

We got a call yesterday from a man who got into an accident. Despite the fact that he was 100% not guilt, when he called the insurance company to open a claim, they recorded the accident as 15% guilty.  So he called us for help asking what he can do in such situation?

We don’t recommend dealing with legal problems and claims on your own because there is a high chance that it will negatively affect your accident case. Insurance company will and does take every chance they can, to make you guilty in order not to pay out.

There are 2 options:

  1. 1. If you were injured and your health was affected during an accident, then we’ll refer you to the best lawyer (at no charge to you) that will take care of all claims & paperwork and will prove your innocence. In addition, we will find you the best medical treatment at no cost to you.

  2. If you weren’t injured, then we’ll refer you to the best lawyer that will prove that you are not guilty and will get you the best monetary compensation you deserve. However, seeking medical treatment is still highly recommended even though you might not feel that you were injured. Even if you are just feeling down or slightly different after an accident, might mean that you have a serious health issue and need immediate medical check up. Sometimes such changes can turn into deathly complications if left untreated.

We had many similar cases when clients of ours ignored mental changes and/or slight pains after an accident and was taken to emergency with internal bleeding and thankfully was saved but in other unfortunate case the client died due to blood clot caused by the accident.

Sometime ago we had a case with a man who called us and told us that he doesn’t have time to see doctors and go to therapy and would rather pay the lawyer to take care of everything for him. We recommended that he wait to make the final decision about seeing a Doctor even if he feels fine at the moment, and to pay great attention to his health condition for 2-3 days after accident. In 3 days he called and reported that he couldn’t turn his neck and feels like he got paralyzed. We referred him to the Doctor that thoroughly checked him and turned out that he needed immediate surgery. On top of it our lawyer won his case and was able to get him $250K in monetary compensation. He couldn’t have suffered for the rest of his life if he wouldn’t have agreed to see the Doctor then.