Amputation compensation: how much victims deserve?

Our company has been representing injured victims interests for years and therefore we have faced numerous different cases. In the majority of cases the compensation amount victims deserve and the one offered by responsible companies are totally different.
Two years ago Charles asked us to help his brother injured at workplace. Charles’s brother faced to terrific accident. His arm was injured by the TL machine and the amputation had been the consequence.
Due to the accident, the man became disabled and expenses for treatment and rehabilitation were truly enormous. Representatives of an insurance company tried to cut the expenses as much as possible.
Our experienced amputation injury lawyer obtained all materials concerning the case and defined that compensation should several times exceed the amount suggested by the company. After several months there was made an agreement between two parties. The man obtained $218 000 instead of $49 000. Moreover, an injured person could undergo treatment and rehabilitation processes while everything had been done by our professionals.