Car accidents among the most spread death reasons: unbelievable but true

Most people think that cars become safer and they are protected on roads but the things are different. Car accidents are still among the most spread reasons of deaths. In the era of Tesla, autopilot and other innovations it’s hard to believe that car accidents cause more deaths than tuberculosis or malaria. But such are the facts.
Deaths due to car accident are more than 2% of all number of fatal outcomes in the world and that is so terrifying. Annually global expenses connected with car accidents are more than $500 billion.
Car accidents are the second spread reason of death of people aged from 5 to 25. Pedestrians and drivers are equally at risk of being injured.
In most cases injures in car accidents are connected with continuous period of rehabilitation that demands much money. Moreover a person may become disabled of work and therefore need compensation for living. While meeting with a car accident victims demand someone experienced to protect their rights and hiring a personal injury accident lawyer is the most reasonable decision.