Contemporary technologies and their perspectives in incresing of a car safety

Car accidents may be caused by both objective and subjective reasons. Objective ones are being step by step removed with the help of innovations but contemporary technologies may remove subjective reasons as well.
What are subjective reasons of accidents? Foremost, those ones are connected with drivers’ mistakes and weather conditions. Lack of experience, shock, darkness and other force-major conditions enlarge the time that is necessary for making decisions. According to the experts’ reports a driver needs about 200 milliseconds to react while under force-major conditions even more time is demanded.
Fortunately, we may cooperate with artificial intelligence while being on roads. Technologies are not influenced by emotions and are equally effective all around the clock. 5G, GPS and safety system may be united in one safety network that is expected to be able to remove up to 80% of all auto crashes.
On the other hand, while meeting with such a tragedy hiring a professional auto injury lawyer still becomes the best solution.