Getting compensation without professional lawyers: just 4% succeed

Workplace injuries are rather common cases. Their annual number exceeds one million all over the world. Thus, nobody can be convinced in safety at workplace. Meeting with such tragic accidents, the majority of victims prefer not to hire personal injury at work lawyers.
Statistics prove that those people are completely wrong. According to statistics, average compensation amount is just $800. Just imagine: 800 dollars to cover expenses for treatment and rehabilitation. Accident victims are frequently taken for a ride.
The same statistics compare expected and real compensation amounts and indicate that 4% only of injured workers get completely deserving compensations. In all other cases authorities or insurance companies succeeded in cutting off their expenses.
Thus, hiring a professional attorney is considered as the only way to avoid being taken for a ride. Experienced specialists are aware of all law pitfalls. Therefore, such specialists are able to protect their clients’ rights applying to the force of law.