Getting cost back while meeting with brain injuries

Workplace injuries sometimes lead to extremely serious consequences connected with temporal disability.
A man named Christian got an injury while constructing a new building object. The doctors have detected brain injury while at the first sight nothing serious seemed to be. As a result, four months of rehabilitation were necessary.
The company Christian is working at rejected to cover all expenses. They offered just 25% of all funds that had been spent by the man. Finally, he applied to our qualified traumatic brain injury lawyer expecting to have his rights protected.
The experienced and professional specialist has analyzed the case in the smallest details and come to a conclusion that according to the current legislature, all expenses should be covered. All meetings with a company representatives were held by our attorney therefore Christian got 98% of his expenses back, including costs spent for living.
Thus, trying to protect your rights by yourselves is completely bad idea because just 3% of cases are successful without professional legal assistance.