Physical and mental workplace injuries: which ones are more dangerous?*es

The majority of people feel themselves completely safe while being at their workplaces. Companies or other entities are obliged to create all conditions for protecting workers’ physical and mental health and some elementary conditions are truly created but at the same the statistic of workplace injuries include millions of cases per year. Thousands of cases are fatal ones.
Physical injuries are completely dominating ones. Falling on the same or other levels, injuries caused by different mechanisms, falling of various objects on a worker and other reasons may lead to rather serious consequences. On the other hand, mental injuries are serious as well. Overloads, lack of sleep, stresses and other cases are dangerous for both health and life.
Being injured or facing to other health problems, workers should call ambulance foremost while hiring work related accident lawyers is reasonable solution as well. Protecting your rights by yourself is rather risky. Companies and insurance agencies do everything to cut off their expenses as much as possible and people are taken into a ride frequently.