Construction Accidents/Labor Law

The plaintiff, a 31-year-old porter and assistant superintendent at a residential building, was struck on the head and neck by a piece of limestone cement that fell from a 10th story penthouse. The plaintiff called our firm to find an attorney to handle his case. Plaintiff’s injuries included head laceration, neck pain, lower-back pain that radiated to upper and lower extremities. He also sustained a herniated disc, a bulging disc, chronic radiculopathy, and lost his range of motion in cervical and thoracic regions of the spine. The plaintiff underwent extensive physical therapy and several epidural injections to control the pain. He received discectomy and a bone graft. The plaintiff also contended that he began to suffer from depression, fatigue, and recurrent flashbacks and nightmares following the accident. The defendant’s attorney disputed patient’s need for surgeries claiming that the surgeries were unrelated to the accident. The defendant’s attorney also disputed the fact that the plaintiff could not resume work as a result of the accident. Despite the strong claims put forward by the defense, our attorney was able to find expert witnesses with whose help the severity of injuries was established in court allowing the plaintiff to collect $3,500,000  in damages.

  • Woman receives $240,000 for injuries received from boxes falling on her at retail store.
  • Woman receives $120,000 for cervical spine injury requiring epidural steroid injections after automobile accident.
  • Man in mid-30s receives $120,000 in damages for cervical spine fracture suffered in truck collision.
  • Woman in her early 20s receives $96,000 for physical and psychological damages caused by food tampering at restaurant.
  • Man in mid-20s receives $31,107 in damages for back injury suffered from truck wreck caused by downed power line.
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