Motor Vehicle Accidents

A 25-year-old surgical resident was exiting the parking lot and making a left turn when his car’s front side was struck by another vehicle. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and deemed a total loss. The plaintiff (surgical resident) claimed that a green traffic signal permitted his entrance to the intersection, while the defendant asserted that the other driver ignored a red light.The plaintiff was transported to the nearby hospital and was released the next day. Two months following the incident, an MRI revealed a bulging disc for which the plaintiff received physical therapy and trigger-point injections for pain. He missed one day of work and has been working about 80 hours a week since the accident while receiving rehabilitative treatment. Our firm provided the plaintiff with an experienced trial attorney who was able to establish the severity of injuries, future lost wages, and future pain and suffering despite the fact that the defense counsel argued that the injuries sustained by our client were not serious, as per no-fault law. The total amount of compensation was $1,100,000.

  • Woman receives $240,000 for injuries received from boxes falling on her at retail store.
  • Woman receives $120,000 for cervical spine injury requiring epidural steroid injections after automobile accident.
  • Man in mid-30s receives $120,000 in damages for cervical spine fracture suffered in truck collision.
  • Woman in her early 20s receives $96,000 for physical and psychological damages caused by food tampering at restaurant.
  • Man in mid-20s receives $31,107 in damages for back injury suffered from truck wreck caused by downed power line.
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