Slip and fall cases: why they are so serious?

What do people frequently think about slip and fall accidents? Those ones are understood as something normal, especially during the cold seasons. On the other hand, those accidents are extremely dangerous.
Speaking about senior citizens, about 8-9% of such accidents lead to fatal cases. 69% more slip and fall cases are connected with serious injuries that sometimes cause permanent disability even. Thus, meeting with those accidents, people demand deserving compensation.
Such compensation should cover expenses for both treatment and rehabilitation (from several months to several years). Who is responsible for an accident? That depends on a particular case. Public services, banks, office centers, etc.
To protect your rights appropriately, qualified and professional help is urgent. Otherwise, some 3-10% of all expenses are expected to be got back and that is an optimistic prediction. Our slip and fall accident lawyers have wide experience working with such cases. Up to 90-100% of funds are obtained by injured persons.