Some statistics concerning traffic-related accidents: who are at risk to meet with a tragedy?

Every day we hear about traffic related crashes in different parts of a country or throughout the world. Roads are truly dangerous while according to statics, almost 1% of the total globe population is injured in car accidents annually.
Which categories face to traffic-related injuries the most frequently? The world statistics has the answer as well.
According to the development level, 90% of all traffic-related death cases take place in developing countries. The continent of Africa is leading according to this terrific index.
Referring to the age of victims, people from 5 to 29 years are injured the most frequently due to road accidents.
Speaking about the gender, men are involved to car accidents much more frequently than women – 73% against 27%.
On the other hand, statistics is just a collection of numbers while we are always at risk to meet with such accidents. Our platform offers to hire an experienced accident injury attorney who does everything to protect your rights and obtain deserving compensation.