The difference between the deserving compensation and the one offered by a company

Our company is oriented to protect the rights of injured victims and get the compensation to cover all their expenses. We have already helped numerous people to restore justice.
Once, a man named Harvey applied our company wishing to hire a qualified spinal cord injury lawyer. The man had been working as a builder and due to insufficient equipment he had fallen to the lower level. Spinal cord injury was the consequence. Harvey needed to undergo surgery and therefore expenses were enormously high for a builder.
On the other hand, the man was offered to obtain a compensation of $9 000. The total expenses for treatment and rehabilitation were several times higher. Harvey had no other choice but to ask us for protecting his interests.
Our professionals analyzed the case thoroughly and had found some important details demanding more significant compensation from the insurance company. Qualified attorneys helped Harvey to obtain $96 000 that is almost ten times higher than the initial offer.
Such case helps to understand that being involved into different accidents, hire a professional lawyer foremost.