The most widespread reasons of workplace injury in 2019

Workplace injury is considered as something common while the total number of injuries at work is counted by thousands of cases in the USA and by millions of cases throughout the world. The reasons are totally different.
According to statistics of 2019, overexertion involving outside sources is the most widespread reason of workplace injuries. It takes place in every 5th case of injury. Two other most spread reasons are falls on same level and struck by object or equipment. Those three reasons take place in more than 50% of workplace injuries.
The severity of injury can be rather different. Some cases lead to temporal disability while others can be connected with permanent disability of work therefore injured persons demand compensation to cover their expenses. A company’s authorities prefer to prove that workers are injured due to their own carelessness.
To protect your rights appropriately and to cover all expenses, an injury at work lawyer should be hired undoubtedly. Professional and experienced attorneys are aware of all nuances of the law and therefore they help to get truly deserving compensation.