The number of workplace injuries decreases but it is still terrific

In early 2000-s the statistics of workplace injuries in the USA was really terrific. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2003 5 occupational injuries per 100 full-time employed workers happened. Such stats mean that 5% of all workers were injured.
Nowadays the situation has changed but nevertheless 2.8 workers per 100 employed persons are injured in 2018. The stats describe nonfatal injuries and occupational illnesses. Both the government and companies try to protect the workers but the number of injuries is still enormous.
Workplace injures may lead to different consequences. Some people just need several days of rehabilitation while others become disabled for the rest of their lives. Therefore being injured at work a person has the right to demand deserving compensation that covers all expenses.
The labor legislature protects workers but most of them cannot use its force because of lack of experience therefore hiring a workplace accident solicitor becomes reasonable decision that helps to avoid being taken for a ride.