The problem of insufficient compensation for car accident victims: what is the best solution?

Every day we see the news about car crashes in various states. Different reasons, different consequences. Rather frequently those accidents are connected with serious injuries and fractures.
During a year the number of accident cases is counted in millions. According to statistics, more than 90 millions die daily due to traffic-related accidents in the USA. The number of injured persons exceeds 3 million annually.
Thus, almost 1% of all American population is injured on roads every year. Terrific numbers but what is more frightening the majority of all injured people can hardly protect their rights appropriately and therefore are taken for a ride.
An average compensation amount is 800-900 USD. That is completely insufficient taking into account expenses for treatment, rehabilitation and even for living as a person can be temporarily or permanently disabled.
In such cases an auto crash lawyer should be hired to protect your interests. Experienced specialists are aware of all nuances and therefore are able to obtain deserving compensation for their clients.