The safest cars of 2019: are we protected from car crashes?

Auto brands do everything to make their autos as safest as possible. Contemporary cars are equipped by numerous innovative systems that make the driving process more comfortable and safer.
Referring to 2019 the ranking of the safest cars changed a little bit. Among the safest cars Tesla Model 3, Lexus RX and Toyota Supra have been indicated. Those autos are equipped by the most innovative safety systems and therefore minimize the risk of a car crash.
On the other hand, we cannot consider any models as completely safe. The risk of accidents is still high. Weather and road conditions together with other factors affect the driving safety.
Meeting with a car accident leads to different consequences. Injuries or even fatal cases are among them. Accidents victims demand compensation but trying to protect their rights without professional help they frequently face to the wall of injustice. Lack of professional knowledge and experience leads to getting insufficient compensation that cannot cover all expenses.
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