The stats of traffic-related injuries in the USA: why drivers and passengers do not feel themselves safe?

The scientific progress and contemporary inventions in different branches are oriented to improving our life conditions. All innovations are discovered to make our lives simpler and safer. The same concerns car industry. Modern vehicles are more comfortable and safer for a driver and passengers.
On the other hand, the statistics of road accidents is terrific. For instance, the annual number of car accidents in the USA is about 6-7 million. What’s more, almost a half of those accidents are connected with injuries. Comparing the stats of traffic-related injuries in the United States, the highest amount of injuries happened in 1996 – 3.5 traffic-related injuries.
At the same time in 2011 such amount was the lowest but still terrifying – 2.2 million of cases. Since then the amount of traffic-related injuries has increased reaching 2.7 million in 2018.
Thus, people cannot be convinced in their protection from road accidents. Facing to such catastrophe, they are not able to get the thoughts together. Protecting your rights appropriately is extremely important from the viewpoint of expenses covering for treatment and rehabilitation. Our company helps you to pick up a professional personal injury auto accident attorney and therefore obtain a deserving compensation.