The top reasons of car accidents: the consequences of overspeeding and drunk driving

A traffic related accident consists of numerous cases. Collision, falling, auto-pedestrian accidents and many other cases are pointed out within a category. On the other hand, there exist some reasons of crashes that are understood as the most widespread ones.
Overspeeding is included into the top-3 car accident reasons all over the world. The consequences are rather severe. For instance, overspeeding by 1% increases the risk of a traffic related death by 4% and the risk of an accident itself by 8%. Comparing the speed of 65 MPH and 50 MPH, the risk of auto-pedestrian accident is 4.5 higher in the first case.
Drunk driving is among the most widespread reasons as well. Such condition increases the risk of an accident meeting by 25%. What’s more: every 10th case of traffic-related accident throughout the world is connected with drunk driving.
Thus, following traffic rules, car owners are able to minimize the risks of a traffic-related accident. On the other hand, being involved in such situation you need to hire a car crash injury lawyer otherwise protecting your rights becomes much times more difficult.