Top-10 most spread reasons of death. From brain attacks to car accidents

Every year the World Health Organization indicated top 10 reasons of deaths. In 2018 the most spread reasons leading to fatal outcomes are the following:
• atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and brain attack;
Those two reasons have been the most spread reasons of death for the last 15 years. Every year those diseases extinguish more than 15 million lives all over the world. The number of such diseases cases is much higher in developed countries.
• lower respiratory tract infection and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
Those diseases cause about 3.2 million deaths every year and their number is also higher in developed countries.
• lung cancer;
Lung cancer including bronchial tub and trachea lesion leads to 1.7 million deaths per year.
• diabetes and mental deficiency;
Those diseases are among top-10 causing 1.6 million deaths every year and moreover cases of such disease essentially increase. The number of suffering from diabetes has increased four times for the last 30 years. Mental deficiency cases have increased twice since 2000.
• tuberculosis and diarrhea;
Those diseases are the reason of 1.4 million deaths every year but there number decreases. Diseases are the most spread in developing countries.
• car accidents.
Car accidents occupy the last 10th position of this ranking. They extinguish lives of 1.3 million people annually. Besides several million get injured and become temporally or permanently disabled.
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