Top 3 most spread reasons causing workplace injuries in the USA

Throughout the world about 4.5 million workers are injured every year. Sometimes they violate safety requirements and in most cases companies do not provide appropriate work conditions reducing their expenses.
There may be pointed out the most spread reasons of workplace injuries in the USA where every year more than 5 thousand people die due to workplace injuries. The most spread reasons are the following:
• transportation accidents;
Transportation accidents have been still regarded as the most spread reason of workplace injuries. 2077 injuries of all cases led to death in 2018.
• fatal falls;
Workers whose occupation is connected with performing duties at height are always at risk. In 2018 there happened 887 fatal falls. Such number shows that number of fatal falls has become the highest for the last 30 years.
• equipment contacts;
Despite the severe demands of local governments there still exist many companies using insufficient equipment. 695 of all accidents became fatal ones in 2018.
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