Top 4 most spread types of traffic rules violation that cause car accidents

Car accidents and human factor were always connected. Despite all measures and innovations the number of crashes is still enormously high and violation of traffic rules can be pointed out among the main reasons.
Analyzing the cases of traffic rules violation the following ones are regarded as the most spread:
• overspeeding (Violation of speed limits is extremely dangerous; according to statistics 32% of car accidents are caused by overspeeding);
• priority on the road violation (Drivers should know traffic rules well, especially priority on the road; violation of priority causes 18% of car crashes);
• inadequate distance from the vehicle (Such violation of traffic rules become the reason of 9% of accidents);
• drunk driving (It causes 6% of crashes slowing the reaction of a driver).
Thus, 4 types of traffic rules violation cause 55% of car accidents. Most of them are connected with serious injuries and even deaths.
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