Top-5 most spread reasons of car accidents and how to avoid them?

At present time the total amount of cars in the world is more than a billion and unfortunately car crashes are in top-5 most spread reasons of deaths. What are the main reasons of car accidents? The most spread ones are the following:
• distracted driving;
This car accident reason is the most spread one. While driving a person should be concentrated on a road forgetting about mobile phones, talks with passengers and other things.
• speeding;
Drivers should understand that speed limits were approved taking into account comfort and safeness of all traffic participants therefore overspeeding is always a risk of meeting car accidents.
• drunk driving;
Alcohol affects our body slowing reaction and limiting our functionality therefore drunk driving means being at risk because of impossibility to control the road situation appropriately.
• bad weather conditions;
Rain, snow and other falls make driving more complicated. Low visibility, slick road and other factors lead to the increasing of risk to be involved into a car accident.
• night driving.
This factor doubles the risk of meeting a car crash therefore night driving should be especially careful.
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