Two of three Americans have driving license: what such stats lead to?

Nowadays the number of cars is significantly increasing and a vehicle is regarded as a necessity. According to Statista, the total number of US licenses drivers is 225 million people. Taking into account that the total population of the country is 327 million inhabitants we may indicate that 68% of all Americans have driving license.
Unfortunately the increasing of cars and licensed drivers affect the increasing of car accidents number.
Statista points out that in 2018 there happened 61.5 car crashes that had led to fatal outcomes. Besides, thousands of crashes are connected with injurious of different severity. Passenger cars and light trucks are mostly involved in car accidents.
Being injured people are shocked and cannot think about anything else than the situation. But to get thoughts together is extremely important. Calling ambulance and police are undoubtedly priorities but at the same time hiring a personal injury auto accident attorney is also of much account from the point of view of your rights protecting.