What are the main obligations of a car accident victim?

Unfortunately, the number of car accidents is extremely high throughout the world. There have taken numerous measures to make the traffic safer but nevertheless the number of road accidents is counted in tens of millions cases all over the world.
Meeting with a car accident is absolutely terrific and moreover, such ‘adventure’ is frequently connected with injuries. On the one hand, victims should call ambulance and police and do everything possible to save their life and health. On the other hand there can be pointed out several more important obligations:
• to remember as many details as possible;
• to write down the contacts of witnesses;
• to apply to professional lawyers.
Why the last point is so important? Auto accident injury lawyers help victims to get deserving compensations for covering all their expenses: treatment, rehabilitation or even living when car accident victims are temporally or permanently disabled. Our platform offers hiring highly qualified and well experienced specialists to protect your rights appropriately.